How to keep a causal sex relationship…casual

In today’s fast paced world, there are tons of people who like to try new things. This rule applies to their dating habits. For them, commitment and long-term relationships are out of the question. Instead, they like to keep their relationships casual. However, there are times when the rules of informality are broken and things get too serious. If you are one of those who wants to make sure things remain on a casual basis, then beware. There are several issues which can quickly turn an informal relationship into a serious one.


Refrain From Cuddling & Eye Contact

Being in a casual relationship means you don’t want to catch feelings. It is all about sex and you want to keep it that way. But, once you begin to get comfortable with each other in bed, the problems begin. Avoid cuddling after sex and pillow talk. The same goes for making too much eye contact. They say most people fall in love by looking into someone else’s eyes.

Set Some Ground Rules

When it comes to casual partnerships, there are no real rules. Most people make them up as they go along. Still, it doesn’t mean you have to be reckless about it all. You need to remember a few things and keep them on your radar. Make certain you speak to your casual liaisons partner about them. Things such as agreeing to dating other people are one. The same for ending it abruptly for whatever reason each one may like. Rules about how often to meet each month and whether or not to keep the relationship secret are also important.

Never Say I Love You

One of the easiest thing to say when you’re having sex with someone and spending time with them constantly is that you love them. It may even come out without you giving it a second thought. However, you want to avoid saying this at all cost. Once you say it, the words will change the dynamic of the entire relationship.

Don’t let Yourself Be Controlled

Even in casual relationships you will have one person who will want to control the other. In most cases, it’s this person who will decide when, where and how to meet. Be sure that you have some control over these things and avoid being dominated. The latter is a quick way to fall for someone.

You Are Neither’s Priority

In serious relationships, the person you are with becomes your top and only priority. But this is not what you want or need in a casual one. In fact, it is that which makes it an informal liaison. Neither of you should expect the perks which come from being in a serious partnership.

In addition to all of these things to avoid, you should also refrain from intertwining your lives. Pay for your own things separately and always be truthful about your feelings. Never let yourself be manipulated and remember emotions are not welcomed.