Top Sex Gifs and Porn pics on the Internet

Without a doubt, the web is full of free porn pictures & videos. The amount of porn you can find on the internet is endless. In addition, there are numerous adult related categories to choose from. After all, diversity is what makes the world go around. People have different taste in everything in life. The same ideal applies to what kind of sex pictures and porn a person enjoys.

Some adult sites have hundreds of categories to choose from. Most though, have about 30 to 25 on average. Within those genres, there are some which stand out more than others. These are the most popular when it comes to users and how much time they spend viewing it. It is also measured by the number of searches performed.

The top porn GIFS on the internet may surprise you though. That’s because some of the most searched for porn pics and sex GIFS are not what you may expect. A few porn categories such as ebony, amateur, Asian, teen, mature women and several others are expected to be at the top. But, others such as lesbian porn pics and sex GIFS, milf pics, hentai, massage, shemale porn, BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) and BBW (big beautiful woman) are surprising. Yet the latter mentioned porn categories are at the top ten. A few of them even made it to the top of the five most searched for porn genres. Below are the porn pics, sex GIFS images and adult material most viewed and searched for on the internet today.

Massage – No one would think that sex pictures of massages would be one of the most searched for categories in porn. Yet that is exactly what has happened according to statistics. Massage sex pics or porn GIFS are highly popular with visitors who check out porn sites.

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism) – It appears that individuals love to see people suffer during sex. That may explain why the BDSM porn category is so popular. This genre deals with psychological humiliation, physical punishment, chaining someone by the hands or feet and even flagellation.

Japanese – Any sex pics or porn GIFS images with Japanese women on them are highly beloved. Internet users enjoy seeing young beautiful Japanese girls engaged in sex. Or simply viewing sex pics of them showing their huge tits, hot bodies and lovely pussies.

Shemale – The fact that shemale porn GIFS is at the top of this list is not surprising. What some may find shocking is that the porn is mostly viewed by straight men. Experts think that it may be because men rather see a woman being fucked by what appears to be a woman with a penis than another typical man.

Hentai – Although hentai involves cartoon characters, these are not the type of animation you would let your children watch. The hentai sex pics and sex GIF images you see on the web today are erotic, wild and highly explicit. They show hot young Asian girls being fucked by men with huge cocks. Or being pummeled in their pussies by aliens, animals or other cartoon characters.

Ebony – Nothing like an ebony animated gif of a hot woman being gangbanged. The same for sex pictures of black women or men engaged in sex with others. It could be interracial sex or ebony on ebony. Regardless of the porn, the public enjoys seeing big black cocks and ebony pussy at work.

Mom – This porn’s category prominence may be due to the MILF factors. After all, a milf is a mom everyone would like to fuck. Users on the web love seeing hot moms engaged in all types of sex acts.

BBW (Big beautiful woman) – Thin is no longer in as men and women are looking for big girls. BBW is porn which shows pretty extra curvy women having sex. They can also be sex pics or animated porn GIFS images of chubby women.

Lesbian – Girl on girl porn is very popular since people adore seeing hot women lick and fuck each other. Even mainstream movies and TV shows have always showed two girls kissing or having sex. That’s because men and women go wild with lesbian sex pics and lesbian animated GIFS.

Step Sister – Based on the statistics involving this genre, it appears lots of guys fantasize about having sex with their step sisters. For those who have hot and sexy step sisters, it may be a problem. It cannot be easy wanting to have sex or dreaming about fucking someone you are related to. Most may not ever get a chance to fuck their step sisters. But, at least they can find free sex pics of step sisters getting banged on the web.

MILF – Mature – The MILF category has taken the internet by storm. Sex pictures and MILF sex gifs are the rage on the web these days. It helps explain why any type of porn material involving mature women is so popular.

Teen – Sex pics of young looking girls in school uniforms make people go crazy. But the truth is that the teen category has always been popular in the porn world. While it is illegal to view sex images of girls younger than 18, you find lots of teen porn online. However, most porn sites simply use girls who appear to be young and are actually over 18.